Sunday, August 12, 2012

Grant's Wish update....

Sooooo.....For those of you living under a rock, Sarah has been granted another wish by Grant's Wishes (yay!), an organization that grants wishes (get it?) for kids who relapse or get a secondary diagnosis that have already been granted a wish through Make-a-Wish, cuz I guess they only do it once. So, we were thinking Florida, but they don't do out of state, so our little Disney Diva will be doing another stint at Disneyland with a stay at the hotel and everything! But shhhhh! It's a surprise! She doesn't know anything, and I even have her wishing on stars that she gets to go soon! :)

They called my mom on the DL and gave her some details that I am not privy to as well, so I get to be surprised, too! (Double yay!)

Us three girls (well, two since Sarah doesn't know) are sooooo looking forward to this much needed stay-cay, and I can't wait!!!!

Now, to pack the bags without my little super sleuth noticing, because she notices absolutely everything...

More later on this fabulous adventure coming up in just a little under two weeks! 

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