Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 99...the day before the big day...

Today is Day 99...which means tomorrow is Day 100, the Big Day. Tomorrow, Sarah will be considered more or less "Out of the woods". As of tomorrow, the transplant will be considered a success. She worried me a bit there with some mysterious pinprick type bumps on her inner thigh and on her cheeks, one of the warning signs I am supposed to be on the lookout for in terms of GVHD, but they were gone by this morning, thank God! Azrael is here with us, and he will be here tomorrow for her big day. I am glad. They are so sweet together, they never argue. He dotes on her the way a big brother should, and she adores him. She couldn't be happier that he is here, and neither could I. Tomorrow, Sarah will be treated to some King Taco, her absolute favorite, after 100 long days! Yes, technically we cheated with the fast food, but tomorrow will be special nonetheless because she is getting her own private table, and anything she wants on the menu. Rest assured, I will be taking pics! :)

Today was a simple day, Azrael came to PT with us, played with Sarah all the way there and all the way home, watched movies and played all afternoon once we got back, and it makes me so happy that he's here. I have precious little time before he starts to hate me. :)

As for now, I am enjoying his company as much as Sarah is, and I am off to get them both showered, and into bed with a movie, since I probably have no hope of getting them to go to sleep anytime soon.

I should be writing something momentous right now, about the magnitude of this day, of the 100 days that have passed, but the truth is, it passed by in an instant. Despite the broken bones, emergency line removals, fasts and fast food contraband, skin issues and unwanted hair issues, potty training (again), sleep training, and just all around home training, I hardly felt it. I went ahead, and I did what had to be done for my daughter's sake as always. Was it always a breeze? No. Hell no. Any mother will tell you that. You have your good days, your bad days, and your "What the hell is the matter with this kid???" days. But you get through it, one way or another, and you savor it. You create indelible impressions in your mind, portraits you will forever see in your mind when you think of your child. Sarah, four years old, standing outside the bathroom door with a flower in her left hand, her right arm in a sling too large for her and already dirty after only days of use. "Are you done yet?" Ear to ear monkey grin. Her hair is starting to curl. This is the way I will remember her. Little and sweet and bossy as ever. My monkey girl. Little Miss Bossy Boots on Day 99.

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