Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 39...home? Not so much....

Okay, so we woke up this morning, thinking we were going to go home. Well, Sarah did. I was hoping and praying we were going to get to go home, because the doctor had said that if she ate well throughout the weekend. So Miss Boots had her heart set on going home today, and I warned her that we might not get to, but she got upset anyway. REALLY upset. Like cried for two hours, started yelling at me and her favorite day nurse, upset. My daughter is nothing if not STUBBORN, and she refused to be consoled no matter what we did. Finally, finally, Nurse Kara and I convinced her to eat, and she ate a decent enough amount (I hope) to please the doctor. After much pleading, cajoling, blatant force feeding and out and out bribery (one YouTube video for every bite), I got her to eat one french toast stick, two pieces of bacon, half a cup of yogurt, and half a box of apple juice.

When the doctor came in to speak with me earlier, I explained to him that she has been eating better (albeit not healthier) and that I don't think the NG tube is necessary just yet, and he says he is willing to take a chance and send her home tomorrow if she can eat, drink and take her medicine well today. This was not acceptable to Miss Bossy Boots. She wanted to go home today. Not tomorrow, TODAY.

She is going to do physical therapy right now, and she is helping Kara "hep-lock" her line so that she can be completely free of the machine (this means put Heparin in her line so that they can unhook her from the machine. Heparin is a blood thinner that keeps blood clots from forming in the line). Miss Boots is now on board and hoping to be able to go home today. We shall see...

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