Monday, April 23, 2012


Okay, so this is something I have told almost no one...shhh! It's a secret! (Well, not anymore...)

When I was young(er), I had this dream. The most perfect dream I can ever remember having. In this dream was a tree. A large tree with a thick trunk and high, full branches full of purple leaves. In this dream, I was swinging from the branches of this tree (not like a monkey, but like, in a swing) and I was laughing, perfectly content and happy, the way a child does. I guess I must have been really laughing, because I ended up choking and woke myself up from this perfect dream. It was beautiful, and I never quite forgot it, and it is still one of the "happy place" images I see in my head when life gets hard.

So, with that background info in mind, and my secret perfect dream out in the open now, I told you that story to tell you this that has no essential meaning whatsoever. I just thought it was coincidental, and kind of crazy in a mystical, mysterious kind of way. So here it is.

Lately, that purple tree has been following me. It started out a few months ago, when by some random click of the mouse I happened upon a facebook page for The Stranded Bead, and saw this:                  

 Naturally, it spoke to me and after a few hints on my husband's facebook wall, I broke down when they had a sale and ended up purchasing it for myself. It is hand-crafted, and the quality is excellent. It is one of my favorite necklaces to wear, and it means something to me. It reminds me to be as happy as I can be, as happy as I was in that fragment of a dream.

Then I saw this, a few months later:
Wiry Designs by Mary Logan (            

It's my tree! But since I already had a tree necklace, I simply placed it on my husband's facebook wall, and forgot about it, but it is still on my most wanted list.

Then, a few weeks or so ago, I see this:

Pretty Pretty Pendants (

This is my tree. Like, exactly...It will be mine...oh, will be mine...I know, I already have a tree necklace...:/ I could have two!

And then today, I see this:

Like Mother, Like Daughter {hand stamped jewelry} (
Okay, why is this tree stalking me??? What does it want? It is amazing to me, this law of attraction, or the "secret" as we call it around here, how we attract things into our lives. But why this tree, and why always, always  in the form of a necklace? What does it all mean?

Maybe it is a reminder to be happy. Maybe I am searching for true bliss, and that tree is a symbol, and since I am searching for it, the universe is bringing it to me. Maybe there are just a lot of tree necklaces out there. But whatever the reason, that dream has been on my mind lately, and I am reminded of it every time I see one of these necklaces. That tree is a symbol, a reminder to be happy, to take pleasure in the simple things, to simplify. All that dream consisted of was me and a tree.

Or maybe I just really, really want these necklaces... ;)

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