Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Okay, so keep in mind the fact that this child did not go to bed til 5 am. Again. Add to that the fact that her five thousand machines for her fluids, antibiotics, TPN, pain meds and flushes all seem to beep off at random times that seem to be set within THIRTY FREAKING SECONDS of each other (so as soon as I can get the nurse to come fix it if I can't do it myself, and i have finally JUST settled myself back in, it starts beeping again). Add to that the fact that the parents next door seem to think it's appropriate to let the child next door bang loudly on the windowsill/wall that is RIGHT NEXT TO my head, and scream in a death-metal-like fashion. Add to that the other kid down the hall (or in the hall right outside our door, from what it sounds like) that has been wailing for over an hour.Now when I say wailing, I mean just that. I don't mean he's been crying, or screaming, I mean cheesy old-fashioned ghost story moaning and wailing. Someone needed to hand this kid some clanking chains. Now I understand that not everyone on this floor is undergoing the same thing, and every kid is different. I understand that my kid is a tough, stubborn little thing, and that even from her first immunizations as an infant, she never cried unless she was in actual pain; as soon as the needle was out of her skin, she stopped crying almost immediately. She whines a little bit more now, has more of a propensity for the dramatic now that she's older and coming even more into her amazing little personality, but I'm guessing that at least 50% of that kid's problem was drama. I have never in my experience here had them do anything to Sarah, nor heard tell from another parent of their child having to undergo anything that would take their kid more than 20 minutes from which to recover after it was over. And never have they done anything to Sarah or any other child that I have known here that took that long that the child would be screaming actively while it was happening. THEN add to that kid's wailing chorus the sweet background songs of pounding jack hammers from the construction literally twenty feet from my head, and you have the sweet bird song of my morning.

Now, contrary to the impression that I may give off here, since this is obviously the perfect forum for it, in real life I am not a complainer. While I will rise to the occasion if I must, I hate confrontation, I would rather endure than make waves. I have a long fuse, and I can handle quite a lot. But seriously??? Why does the universe not want me to sleep???

So, once again, I am saying "when" and trading sleep for a cup of hot coffee and a hot shower. Part of being a mom is sleep deprivation. Part of being a cancer mom is SEVERE sleep deprivation, apparently. And it is just imperfect timing that we happened to get a room right outside the nurses station that seems to be a non-stop party and that the new tower can't just arise instantly like a pop-up tent so that I can get some freaking shut-eye. 

Okay, I'm done. Enough whining. See? Like I said. Twenty minutes. ;)

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