Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sarah's Childhood Bucket List, Part Deuce...

Okay, so I knew when I was writing part one that I am way exhausted and was so not thinking clearly, as is wont to happen when you have a really important list to write! So once I had a chance to think about it, and spend some time with my gorgeous little girl when she is her happy, smiley sunshiney self and not the little gremlin she has been the past few days, I of course came up with some things to add to the list, so here goes:

11. Go to Disneyland for every holiday:
Before the days of annual passes, Disneyland tickets were way out of the price range of a struggling family of five, yo. So although we have taken the kids to Disneyland our fair share of times over the years, it is usually reserved for special occasions like the kids' birthdays. Now that we have the annual passes, I want to share the experience of every holiday at Disneyland with my baby for the first time. Halloween, Christmas, New Year's, I want to do it all. Granted, this one will take at least a year to fulfill, maybe longer, but I am banking on the fact that Sarah will be around and up for it.

12. Get on every ride at Disneyland at least once.
I am ashamed to say as a Southern Californian for most of my life (there was that stint in Utah for about five years in my childhood) there are still some rides I have never been on. That's right. Never. Some because they scared the bejeezus out of me in my earlier years, some because I just didn't feel the need to get on, but I figure if my tiny little four year old can brave the enormous ferris wheel in the SLIDING bucket at California Adventures, I'd better damn well suck it up, and since Disneyland is our favorite place on the planet (besides the bookstore) I figure we'd best know it stem to stern.

13. Disney on Ice
Miss Boots wanted to go this year and couldn't for obvious reasons. Our prayer is that this transplant takes in March and by the time this comes around again, she will have a cute little pixie haircut to go with. It breaks my heart to see her watching it over and over again on youtube. As soon as it is humanly possible, I am taking her for real!

14. The circus
Having a child get sick before their second birthday sucks because by the time she was old enough to do anything and enjoy it, she was too sick to go. The circus is one of my earliest memories. I was about two or three, watching the circus on tv in my grandparents' bedroom, bouncing up and down on the bed and watching a black panther walk across a tightrope. I got all excited when my grandfather told me that it was "Vety", my grandmother's black cat (the cat's rightful name was "Sylvester", we called him "Vety" for short). I got excited and then confused because I had just seen the cat go underneath the bed, so I leaned over the side of the bed to look for the cat, and BAM! My first head injury...( I think, anyway!) Head injury aside, watching that panther cross the tightrope is one of my fondest childhood memories, maybe because my grandfather died not long after that, maybe because I was happy and innocent like a child should be, but whatever the reason, I want my child to experience just a bit of that magic. Plus, she asked to go, and what the boss wants, the boss gets (so long as she behaves...)

So there are the ones I came up with, I will amend the list as other things come up, but this is a good solid list to start with for now. I'm kind of excited! :)

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