Saturday, January 14, 2012

Donate button...

In the first stage of Sarah's treatment for AML, a few people asked me about starting up a facebook page dedicated solely to Sarah and her progress, so I am pleased to announce the inception of Miss Boots vs. Cancer, Round 2, where I will be posting updates on Sarah's progress as she moves through the chemo treatment for AML, bone marrow donors and transplant, and beyond. At the behest of a few people as well, I have added to this blog a donate button that links directly to my paypal account for those of you generous folk who have asked about making financial contributions to aid Miss Boots and me in our fight. I have not tested this, so in case it doesn't work, my email address is, and you can send money through paypal this way as well. The donate button does the same thing, it just makes the whole process a bit easier and more convenient. So there it is! :) I am not soliciting donations in any way, but if you want to help, there's the info on how to do it! :)

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