Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The kindness of strangers...

Okay, so I know it's been awhile since my last blog (forgive me, Committee, for I have sinned!) but there has been a lot going on. Sarah coming down off of the methotrexate, plus being three and spoiled as hell, has made her super crabby for one, and we are working very hard to get the diva out of her. There has also been some minor drama, nothing that couldn't be dealt with, just enough to keep me mildly stressed as usual and away from the computer.

Amidst all this stress, I decide to decompress one day a few weeks ago, and I decide to go on one of my famous web-hunts (well, they're famous in this house). Here's how it works: I get a crazy idea or see a commercial for something my already-too-spoiled little princess just HAS to have, and then I spend hours searching for it on the internet until I find one at a reasonable price. Well, only sometimes does it take hours, but you get the point. Ironically, although it sounds like a lot of work, it de-stresses me, takes my mind off things, gives me something frivolous to focus on for awhile. So I was on such a hunt, this time for a special edition mini Lalaloopsy doll that was coming out for Easter, which I thought would be perfect for Sarah's Easter basket. She has been through so much this year, and I thought it would make her happy to see it in her basket. The doll was only available at Target, and I had already looked at the two stores in my area, nothing. So I turned to the Lalaloopsy facebook community and posted a simple query: does anyone know where I can find this doll in our area? I just didn't want to be driving around on a fool's errand when i have precious little free time, you know? So, I posted it.

Then, impatient little monkey that I am, I went on ebay, found one that wasn't outrageously priced, and just bought it outright. There, done, hunt over. Imagine my surprise when someone offered to send her one for free on the spot! Sure, I had one coming, but now she would have two little bunnies to decorate her basket with! I was overwhelmed with gratitude and appreciation. Then another person offered to send her one, then another. By this time, I was in shock! And tears, too, truth be told. It has not been an easy ride, and I have had a small handful of friends and family that I have been able to depend on, no questions asked. It made me feel like I wasn't alone. The topper on the cake? The lady I bought the doll from on ebay sent me a message, cancelled my paypal transaction, and sent the doll to Sarah as a gift. In all, Sarah received eight mini Lalaloopsy dolls, including the one my mom bought prior to all of this. She carries them with her everywhere in her Peter Rabbit bookbag and plays with them all day long. It made her Easter, which is good because it rained and that put a damper (so to speak!) on the Easter egg hunting...

It's nice to know that people care, even if you've never met them, that in this world where everyone is talking about Lindsay Lohan, and why she can't stay out of jail and/or rehab, Kobe Bryant and why he can't seem to keep his nose clean and his mouth shut, and Charlie Sheen ('nuff said...), that there are some parts of the world that have not gone completely insane. During this whole process with Sarah's cancer, you would be surprised to know that people are not always kind and generous, even people you think you can count on. People can always surprise you, both in good ways and in bad. The people you thought for sure would be there aren't. and even worse, sometimes they even add insult to injury, like I'm not going through enough. And then there are times like these, where you start to believe in humanity again, where people surprise you in the best of all possible ways, by showing you how generous and kind their souls truly are. Thank you, April McDonald, Yvette Galvez, Melissa Pelletier, and Margo Nuno, for reaching out to a fellow human being in need and making a little girl's Easter "eggstra" special! (Sorry, but I had to...I HAD TO!!!) :)

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